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Good Day Alabama for May 15, 2013

Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for May 15, 2013:

JEH JEH - Jeh Jeh joined the Lady Blazers this morning before they head out to Louisville. The UAB Blazers Softball Team heads to Louisville later today to face several teams include UCLA. UAB received an at-large bid the last four years under the leadership of Coach Marla Townsend.

- American Heart Association President joined us to speak publicly about her own stroke for first time. May is American Stroke Month and to help educate people on what to do in a stroke emergency, American Heart Association President Donna Arnett discusses publicly, for the very first time, the stroke she suffered at the age of 27. Donna is joined by Dr. Rani Whitfield who goes over the warning signs of a stroke and the importance of calling 9-1-1 at the first sign of symptoms. According to new research published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality & Outcomes, more than a third of stroke sufferers do not call an ambulance for help.  Calling an ambulance can result in earlier arrival at the hospital, quicker evaluation, and better treatment. For more information, visit


ZOO - Mickey visited with Andy Schertz from the Birmingham Zoo to learn more about the Birmingham Zoo's Summer Camps. For more information, visit

- Rip Esselstyn joined us this morning to talk about his "Beef with Meat"  The Definitive Guide That Proves, Once And For All, That A Plant-Based Diet Is The Healthiest Way To Eat  Esselstyn reveals information on the foods that most people believe are healthy, yet that scientific research shows are not. Some foods, in fact, he deems so destructive they deserve a warning label.  Want to prevent heart attacks, stroke, cancer and Alzheimer's? Then learn the facts and gain the knowledge to convince those skeptics that they are misinformed about plant-base diets, for instance: 1.) You don't need meat and dairy to have strong bones or get enough protein-you get enough calcium in plants 2.) You don't need to eat meat to get your iron-there's plenty of it in plants, if not more 3.) Why the Mediterranean diet is a myth 4.) The very serious-and surprising-problem with the Paleo diet. For more information, visit

ASK THE DOCTOR - Dr. Peily Soong from Children's Hospital takes viewer questioned about childrens' health issues. For more information, visit

GARDENING - Fred Spicer, Executive Director of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, joined us to discuss what all is going on at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens this month. For more information, call (205) 414-3950 or visit

BOB HARPER'S JUMPSTART SKINNY - Instant #1 New York Times bestseller, The Skinny Rules, and coach on the popular TV series The Biggest Loser Bob Harper shared his new book JUMPSTART TO SKINNY: The Simple, 3-Week Plan for Supercharged Weight Loss. In his instant #1 New York Times bestseller The Skinny Rules, celebrity trainer and coach on  the popular TV series The Biggest Loser  Bob Harper put together the ultimate strategy for healthy, long-term weight loss and "thin maintenance." But what if you have an event looming-a reunion, wedding, beach vacation, or other special occasion-and need a fast-acting plan to meet your short-term goals? The new book Jumpstart to Skinny features Bob's thirteen short-term Rules (no one gets skinny on mere suggestions) that will supercharge your weight loss.

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