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Good Day Alabama for May 14, 2013

Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for May 14, 2013:

JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh joined us from the McWane Science Center to check out the latest exhibit - "RACE: Are We So Different?" It opens tomorrow and remains open through September 2nd. The exhibition RACE: Are We So Different? brings together the everyday experience of living with race, its history as an idea, the role of science in that history, and the findings of contemporary science that are challenging its foundations. Interactive exhibit components, historical artifacts, iconic objects, compelling photographs, multimedia presentations, and attractive graphic displays offer visitors to RACE an eye-opening look at its important subject matter. Developed by the American Anthropological Association in collaboration with the Science Museum of Minnesota, RACE is the first nationally traveling exhibition to tell the stories of race from the biological, cultural, and historical points of view. Combining these perspectives offers an unprecedented look at race and racism in the United States. For more information, visit

VET SPECIALIST - Dr. Jerome Williams joined us along with Dr. Tomeshia Hubbard, a Dermatologist. They discuss ear infections and allergies (fleas, atopy).  She explains how the ear infections can be the only sign of environmental allergies.  She shows us pictures of a normal ear, chronic ear infections and intradermal skin infections. Dr. Hubbard opened her new veterinary dermatology practice, Alabama Veterinary Allergy and Dermatology Service, in Homewood, AL.  The address is 186 Oxmoor Rd, Ste A1, Homewood, AL 35209.  The new phone number is 205-218-2707.  She takes cases on Monday-Wednesday from 9:30am to 4:00pm.  You can reach Dr. Williams at Red Mountain Animal Clinic at (205) 326-8080 or

MONEY TUESDAY - Do Prenuptial Agreements Work? Stewart Welch joined us to answer that question. He explained how he recently had a case involving the second marriage for a couple who were in their seventies.  They had the foresight to set up a prenuptial agreement that outlined a minimal division of assets at the time of death or if the marriage failed.  It appeared the couple had taken the appropriate steps by signing a prenuptial agreement prior to saying the 'I Dos'.  What happened later was unfortunate and was not discovered until the husband's death which occurred about three years after they married.  Shortly after his death, the wife informed his family that he had taken about ninety percent of his assets and purchased an annuity with the wife as the beneficiary.  As you would imagine his children were unhappy and felt that the wife may have exerted undue influence on their father. Stewart says he strongly endorses the use of prenuptial agreements in appropriate situations such as second marriages or marriages where one person has substantially more assets than the other.  He has seen numerous cases where a marriage failed and the prenuptial agreement effectively and efficiently resolved the division of assets and income.  But it's clear that having a prenuptial agreement is not a perfect solution in every case.  The prenuptial agreement assumes that there will be no post-marriage agreements or transfer of assets.  That being the case, are there strategies that can be implemented to strengthen the intent under the prenuptial agreement?  He recommends you establish a revocable living trust or establish an irrevocable trust. For complete information, visit

GUY GOURMET - Master the art of cooking outside from grilling to barbequing to camp cookery!! With the first ever gourmet cookbook from Men's Health magazine. "Guy Gourmet: Great Chefs' Amazing Meals for a Lean and Healthy Body" features healthy makeovers of favorite dishes created by top chefs including Thomas Keller, Rick Bayless, Tyler Florence, Masaharu Morimoto, Seamus Mullen, Eric Ripert, and Marcus Samuelsson. Mike spoke with Editors of Men's Health, Adina Steiman & Paul Kita. They say man cannot live by bread alone... women, neither. They need toast . . . and steak, and tacos, wings and burgers, beef stew and pizza. They need to eat well but also to watch what they eat for the benefit of body and mind.  From Adina Steiman, Men's Health's food and nutrition editor and Paul Kita, a Men's Health editor and author of the popular Guy Gourmet blog on comes GUY GOURMET: Great Chefs' Amazing Meals for a Lean & Healthy Body, the ultimate guide to losing weight and being healthier by eating better food. Delicious food. Written for seasoned cooks and beginners alike, GUY GOURMET satisfies readers' hunger for extraordinary food with dishes like Steak au Poivre with Roast Potatoes, Crab Cakes, Grilled Fish Tacos with Chipotle Crema, Backyard Baby Back Ribs and more. In addition to tons of great recipes and basic cooking techniques, the 320-page manual provides readers with information about which equipment and tools are essential in the kitchen and how to eat healthier with dozens of tips for stocking a pantry, organizing a fridge, picking produce and storing food properly.  It also teaches readers everything they need to know when it comes to preparing home cooked fare, including how to flip a flapjack, roll dough with a wine bottle, zest a lime, wash and store greens, debone a fish, pit an avocado, in addition to how to do a self-administered Heimlich maneuver when choking.

DR. ASA ON FOODS FOR YOUR MOOD - Dr. Asa joined us with a look at how to eat your way toward better moods. He recommends you eat:
     1. Nuts
     2. Fish
     3. Dark leafy Greens
     4. Turkey
     5. Dark Chocolate
Known as America's Health and Lifestyle Coach®, Asa Andrew, MD is a national best-selling author, radio and TV host, and founder of Diagnosis HOPE, a non-profit dedicated to health education and supporting the uninsured. He has dedicated his life to helping others thrive in their health.

GARDENING - Jimmy Rockett shows us all the different varieties of impatiens - from the typical shade impatiens to part sun to full shade and even an impatien called Butterfly. Jimmy says the New Guinea impatien takes more sun and a newer variety called Sun New Guinea is great for full sun. Jimmy points out that they do require more water than normal. Also, Jimmy says to be aware of slugs and rolly pollies, they will eat the base of the stems over night. When you plant impatiens, sprinkle the slug bait out, too. Jimmy says to feed the plants with the organic turkey poop and liquid hastagro. If these products are not yet available in your area, there are other organic foods that are coming out that may be just as good. For more information, call Jimmy at (205) 981-1151, email him at, or visit

Join us tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, The President of the American Heart Association is a professor at UAB... She's also a stroke survivor! She shares her very personal story to help the rest of us recognize the signs and know how to get help! Protein vs carbs, meat vs veggies, sugar vs sodium... Carnivore, Herbivore, Vegetarian, Vegan. Everyone tells you how and what to eat so how do you know what's right for you or what really works? In "MY BEEF WITH MEAT," Rip Esselstyn explains why he believes in the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle! Jeh Jeh catches up with the UAB Softball team as they gear up to hit the road and continue on the quest to be Conference USA Championship! The children's doctor joins us to take questions about your childrens' health and Mickey takes us to the Birmingham Zoo to meet his friends. And we check in at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens to find out what's in bloom there this month! Join us for this and much more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama.

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