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Ala. representatives react to IRS targeting of conservative groups

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These are statements issued by Alabama House of Representatives regarding the IRS's apology that it targeted numerous conservative non-profit organizations, including Tea Party groups, during the 2012 election cycle.

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Rep. Martha Roby (R-District 2):

"The more we learn about the IRS scandal, the more outrageous it becomes. Last year Congress was told there was ‘absolutely no targeting' of conservative groups. Then, after the truth came out, we were told senior IRS officials were ‘unaware' of such targeting. Now we learn that senior IRS officials did know, and they knew for more than a year.

"For the IRS to target groups based on political beliefs is not just wrong, it is un-American.  This is just another action in a long line of unacceptable behavior from the federal government. Actions of this nature erode the public's trust of this Administration and of the government as a whole. Who can blame us for being skeptical about what we are told by the people who pull the levers of Washington?

"I join my colleagues in demanding answers as to how this could have occurred, and why the American people weren't told the truth from the beginning.  Congress must use its full investigative resources and authority to get to the bottom of this to ensure that all the facts are known and that it never happens again. Those responsible for this brazen abuse of government power must be held accountable."

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-District 3):

"I am outraged the IRS specifically targeted tea party groups based solely on their political affiliation. If proven, this would be an attempted suppression of free speech and a blatant abuse of power. What's next – the IRS using its immense power to audit individuals because they belong to a local tea party group? There must be an independent investigation to determine who ordered it, what happened, and how far up the chain it goes."

Rep. Terry Sewell (D-District 7):

Representative Sewell's office has not responded to a request for comment.

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