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Family wants company to fix leaks causing pools of oil


Crystal Burrows was showing her house to prospective buyers on Saturday when she noticed a big problem in their front yard.

An oil well was leaking just outside her house on the sixteen acre property, which is located about three miles north of New London in Rusk County.

"We're not hearing anything back from buyers," Burrows said. "Nobody wants to buy a house with a pool of oil in the front yard and you can't blame them."

Burrows called the company who owns the wells, M. C. Production and Drilling, on Saturday to let them know about the problem.

She said that workers are on site doing cleanup, but she doesn't think it's being done right.

"They brought a backhoe out," said Burrows. "Then on Sunday morning, they scraped most of it off there. But you can still see some oil. They brought some fresh dirt and just put it on top of it."

Burrow's well is one of four sites around her house that has leaks, all owned by the same company.

Even after three days of work, oil is still leaking from some of the wells.

The Texas Railroad Commission surveyed the site Monday to determine whether any violations by the company had occurred.

According to rules set by the Railroad Commission, the company must remove all of the oil that hasn't soaked into the soil. Then they have up to a year to ensure that the composition of the soil includes less than one percent of oil. Because of the relatively small spill in Burrow's case, the commission said that could be achieved by mixing oil-impacted soil with non-impacted soil.

Burrows said she is still worried about future leaks.

"That well is still leaking," she said. "That needs to stop."

M. C. Production and Drilling has not yet returned KLTV's multiple requests for comments on this story.

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