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Gadsden PD shares warning about jury duty scam

Source: MGN Online Source: MGN Online

Gadsden Police are warning residents of a jury scam that has been reported in eleven other states.

Gadsden Police says they haven't had any local complaints but want resident to be aware. Their warning says scammers will call, accusing the resident of failing to show up for jury duty. The scammer then demands a Social Security number or other private information to "cancel the arrest warrant" issued against the resident.

An Etowah County spokesperson says the county will not call citizens if they fail to show for jury duty. More likely, they say, is that a citizen would get a visit from a sheriff's deputy.

If you get any kind of suspicious call, follow these tips:

-Never give personal information on a phone call you didn't initiate.

-If the caller says they're confirming your personal information, they're suggesting they already have it, so make them read it to you first.

-If someone calls, claiming you missed jury duty, call your local circuit clerk's office to confirm.

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