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Women waiting longer to start a family


Perhaps you've put off pregnancy for your career or you've been trying for a baby for a while, and your 40th has come and gone.

Or perhaps you're like Kelly Sapyta who found the right partner later in life.

"I didn't get married until I was 37."

The burning question for you now might be, "is it too late to have a baby?"

"My husband had a vasectomy and we decided to have it reversed and it worked," said Sapyta.

Kelly gave birth to her first baby at 41.

Couple years later came baby number two.

He was an unexpected addition to the family.

"Everyone loves it nobody can believe it," Sapyta added.

"More and more women are having babies later on in life 30's and even 40's and that's a function of a lot of things, said," OBGYN Dr. Jim Bomer with the Rankin Women's Center.

Dr. Bomer says birth rates among almost all other age groups are at all-time lows, but for the forty set, it's a real baby boom, that still comes with some concerns.

"There's always medical issues with a pregnancy and also genetic issues regarding having a child when you're in your late 30's or early 40's."

Kelly is a labor and delivery nurse.

She was well aware of the things that can happen during pregnancy.

"High blood pressure, diabetes, my mom was a diabetic so I was particularly concerned about that," said Sapyta.

"At 35 the risk of a baby having Down syndrome is roughly one in 220 and at the age of 40 it's 1 in 100," said Dr. Bomer.

All issues Dr. Bomer recommends you discuss with your physician prior to conceiving in order to be much more prepared.

As for Kelly, she says there's never been a better time to try to get pregnant as an older mom.

"Definitely don't give up and I think it helps to relax and kind of let things happen," said Sapyta.

Dr. Bomer says pregnancy strains the heart, so you want to make sure if you have any chronic medical conditions, that those get managed and supervised well before you even get pregnant.

And if you are thinking of conceiving later in life there are new tests that are non invasive that allows doctors to asses early on the genetics of the baby.

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