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Keeping burglars away while you're away

Summer is almost here, and that means summer vacation, but you should make sure your summer vacation plans include more than just simply getting out of town; leaving town could make your home a prime target for burglars. 


Some security tips include: stopping mail and newspaper delivery, and bringing in the trash cans.  You also need to take extra time to check all of your doors and windows and even consider adding additional blocks to sliding glass doors to discourage thieves.


"People forget that, they just pack…Well think about how you're securing your home," says Monica Zech, safety and injury prevention expert.  "They'll climb up balconies, they'll climb up trees, they get pretty creative."


Also, make sure you lock your garage door so that it can not be disconnected and opened up.  And consider a trick of looking like your home, such as asking a trusted neighbor to park in your driveway or by using plug-in timers on lights and tvs, to make noise. 


You might also consider turning down the volume of your home phone while you're gone because you don't want a would-be burglar to hear it ringing and nobody answering.


In addition to these tips, the Montgomery Police Department offers a service through its volunteers in police service program where residents  who are leaving town can call 3-1-1 and request police to monitor their homes while they're away.  They can check the surroundings of your home if you give them an advanced notice.


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