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Family says leaving baby in repossessed truck was a 'mistake'


An East Texas family says they are grateful it's all over, after their truck was towed away with their baby inside it.

The family was getting ready to go the grocery store on Saturday night when the truck was repossessed.

The husband says he put the baby in the truck, but forgot his keys and went back in the house. That's when the repossession company quickly hitched the truck and took off.

"I came outside, put my child in the vehicle, and realized I had forgotten my keys," said the father, who spoke under condition of anonymity. "I went back inside to get my keys and stopped off and used the restroom. When I came back outside, my car was gone."

Larry Stewart, manager of Mark IV EZ Drive, requested the car be towed after the owner, who was lending the car to the family, missed a few payments.

"She said this guy's got my car and he won't let me have it back," Stewart said. "I said, if knew where it was at, I could go get it. Then she gave me the address and that's when I went over there and found it."

That's when he said he called After Midnight Towing to repossess the car. He said he did not see anybody outside the house.

"I honestly think they forgot the baby was in the car," Stewart said.

According to a Gilmer police report, officers met the tow truck at the pound, finding the baby in the back seat, asleep and unharmed.

In the report, the tow company told police they do not have to check a vehicle before towing it.

"All your repo agents, if they can snatch it and go, they're going to snatch it and go," Stewart said. "Then there aren't any problems there."

The father says it was a simple mistake.

"I wasn't off doing anything stupid," he said. "I didn't leave my child in the parking lot of a grocery store. It wasn't 90 degrees outside. It was in the evening. I was just running inside my house and running out."

A mistake he says he's learned from and will never make again.

Gilmer Police said they are not pressing charges against the family, stating the baby was not in the car long enough to cause any injury.

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