Birmingham councilman calls for re-evaluation of police policies

Roderick Royal. Source: WBRC video
Roderick Royal. Source: WBRC video

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Two recent murders have caught the attention of several city council members Tuesday.

Over the last week, a young mother was shot and killed by a stray bullet while holding her newborn boy, and a police officer's father was shot at killed while working his job as a landscaper.

Council President Roderick Royal called for a re-evaluation of the police department's policies.

"We don't need tough talk, we need a police strategy. That's what we need. That's coming from a former police officer. And I know you can't be everywhere, and the chief knows it as well. But there are some strategies we need to evaluate, and re-evaluate, and put them in place," Royal said.

Royal went on to say that if the police department needs more officers or equipment he wants to discuss that before the city develops its next budget this summer.

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