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Victim count could rise to 10 in Tallassee child sex abuse case


Could there be even more victims?

Tallassee police say that's a real possibility after a parent watched WSFA 12 News' coverage late last week on the shocking revelations involving a sexual abuse case involving multiple children.

Right now there are 8 victims, a list that could grow to ten.

"We had two additional victims step forward," said Tallassee Police Chief Jimmy Rodgers.

Tallassee police tell WSFA 12 News the mother of two children had a relationship with suspect, Steven Conrad, and wants to find out if her children were sexually abused. The two children in question are boy and a girl, a 9-year old and a 7-year old. Police are making plans to have the two interviewed this week by Child Protect in Montgomery.

"It's a similar pattern where the mother had a friendly relationship with Conrad and she wants to find out whether they were abused because the children were left alone with him at times," said Rodgers.

Tallassee investigators say it will more than likely be Thursday before Conrad makes his first court appearance in Elmore County. The reason is there is quite a bit of paperwork involved to cover all the charges against him.

While Steven Conrad remains in the Tallassee city jail on suicide watch, the three other suspects arrested are still in the Elmore County Jail. Police say Conrad's wife.. 26-year old Brandy Conrad.. Helen Gantt and Jeffrey Ray knew about one case of sexual abuse but 'failed to report it' to police.

Investigators accuse Conrad of more than 80 counts of sexual abuse, rape and sodomy. Some of the alleged crimes took place in Conrad's home on Worthington Circle west of Tallassee. As it stands now the victims are under 12-years old, including Conrad's 3-month old infant son. Chief Rodgers said last week Conrad confessed to the crimes.

Along with that confession Child Protect calls the information it received from 6 of the 8 victims so far 'credible.'

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