Injured soldier surprised with new Jeep in Hueytown

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - An injured soldier back from Iraq got a big surprise from his hometown community.

Noah Galloway had been driving his uncle's truck, which has a manual transmission. Driving a stick shift was a difficult task for Galloway after losing an arm and leg overseas.

The Red, White and Blue Team of American Veterans teamed up with a Hueytown gym owner to get him a new car. Galloway was excited when he thought he was getting a used Jeep, but then his friends revealed a specially-altered, 2013 Jeep, Army edition, just for him.

"It being the Freedom Edition is incredible. I'm a big Jeep fan, I'm very familiar with the vehicle, I've had them in the past, never had a new vehicle before. This being a new vehicle and being the Freedom edition is really special," said Galloway.

"He was shocked. He thought he was getting an '06 Jeep. He had no idea he was going a brand new edition Freedom Jeep," said Terry Brasseale, who organized the giveaway.

Brasseale raised $37,000 from hundreds of organizations in Hueytown. He said once he started telling people Noah's story, everyone was willing to give what they could.

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