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Good Day Alabama for May 6, 2013

Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for May 6, 2013:

JEH JEH - Jeh Jeh joined us from Xtreme Sports Fitness located on the Pelham Parkway. For complete MMA training experience in Alabama, check out Xtreme Sports Fitness. It is located at 2637 Pelham Pkwy. Xtreme Sports Fitness offers programs in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai and PurMotion. The programs range from beginner to advanced levels providing a comfortable and challenging training environment for new students and experienced athletes. For more information call (205) 637-5551 or VISIT

BBB - David Smitherman with the Better Business Bureau joined us this morning to warn you of flowers on Mother's Day. Mother's Day is one of the biggest holidays for gifts, cards, flowers, candy and phone calls. If you're showing your love with flowers this year, make sure they are on-time and just right. In 2012, BBB received more than 3,900 complaints against florists. Many of the complaints were a result of the flowers being late, wrong, or just never delivered. When looking to find a florist, whether online or in person, make sure you're dealing with a reputable business. BBB recommends the following tips when purchasing flowers: Request a written receipt for the order and ask about the business's refund policy if the delivery is late, never arrives or is in bad condition. Delivery instructions may need to be confirmed or a driver may need additional directions. Check to see that the flowers can still be delivered even if the recipient is not home. Try to plan the delivery around a time that she will be home to avoid damaged or stolen flowers. Check out a florist's BBB Business Review to see any history of complaints, and additional details about the company. Ask friends and family which florist they recommend. Check with the florist or website to be certain that you have allowed enough time for delivery. Make sure that this date is specified clearly and guaranteed when you order. If you order ahead of time, delivery and other charges will be less than last-minute or overnight shipping. It's best to use a credit card when ordering online, because you can dispute charges if the vendor doesn't come through. For more tips you can trust, visit

BETH K - UAB nutritionist, Beth Kitchin, joined us this morning to talk about what antibiotics can do to healthy animals. Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Turkey: There has long been concern that the overuse of antibiotics in healthy animals to prevent disease (rather then reserving their use for sick animals only) could lead to the spread antibiotic resistant bacteria. In the most recent edition of Consumer Reports, the magazine reports on their first ever comparison of organic vs. inorganic ground turkey and its bacteria content. Both inorganic and organic turkey contained similar amounts and types of bacteria. However, the bacteria in the organic meat ground was much less likely to contain strains of bacterial that were resistant to antibiotics. What this could mean to humans is that if you get infected with one of these bacteria, it could be difficult - or even impossible - to treat it with existing antibiotics. Some consumer groups want to ban the use of antibiotics in healthy animals and only allow their use when necessary for truly sick birds - this could help lower the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria. So what can you do to protect yourself? Buy "organic", "no antibiotics", "Animal Welfare Approved" and "Certified Humane" meat. Cook turkey to an internal temp of 165 degrees. Don't cross contaminate. Freeze cooked meat after 2-3 days. And remember the danger zone - 40 to 140 degrees.

AMERICAN IDOL CONTESTANT - Janice and Mike talked with Amber Holcomb Her time ended last week on American Idol. The top 4 performed two songs Wednesday night - one from this year and one standard. While her time is over, Amber will still go on tour this summer! The top three perform for your votes on Wednesday night right here on FOX6.

ASK THE GARDENER - Our expert, Sallie Lee joined us today with Ask the Gardener.  Sallie is an Extention Agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extention System. For more questions call the Extension Office at (205) 879-6964.

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, haven't bought mom a gift yet? We show you some ideas for Mother's Day Gfits! Kids face cyber dangers on more than just the home computer... What about their phones? We find out how you can keep them safe! Why not buy your own beach house! In Money Tuesday we find out if this is the right time to do just that! And want to start over? New books on store shelves and we check in with our expert for some great summer reads for you! It feels a bit like winter out there but it's time to transition your garden to summer. Our gardener joins us with some great ideas for you! Join us for all of this and more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama.

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