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Families fight to save Tuscaloosa nursing home

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Several families in Tuscaloosa are fighting to keep open a nursing home that may be shut down soon.

The families want a judge to grant a temporary restraining order to keep the facility open past the end of May.

The company that operates Martinview Assisted Living says their landlord refuses to sign another lease agreement with the company.

Without a building, they can't care for their residents. All of the residents are elderly and many suffer from Alzheimer's.

Attorneys for the caregivers say they had to let those families know what was happening and to find other facilities for their loved ones to go.

Carol Gartman's parents live in Martinview. Her attorneys want a judge to consider how moving those residents could impact their health.

"Just trying to put my parents' safety and future first, that the whole reason why I'm here. Is being an advocate for them, I don't want them to move and I don't think they should have to," Gartman said.

Attorneys for the facility want to stay in business. The landlord wants them to turn over their license with the state to care for the residents when the lease ends. The caregivers' attorney says that not fair.

"If we don't have a lease and we don't have a facility, we cannot provide services under the law so I don't think it's going to be possible for either the landlord and or tenants to force us to do something the law says we can't do," Jay Smyth, attorney for the caregivers, said.

Fox6 News was unable to speak to the landlord's attorney. About 20 people remain in the assisted living facility.

All three parties involved will be at a hearing tomorrow in the Tuscaloosa County courthouse.

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