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Birmingham restaurants offer trolley to Regions Field


Birmingham restaurants are hoping to bridge the gap between entertainment districts and Regions Field. They are using a trolley system to give you a safe ride to and from for two bucks roundtrip.

"If you give people a way to park in an entertainment district and a place to come and eat first and forehand, it always makes them feel more comfortable. Especially with something new," said Chris Bajaleigh, one of the owners of "Slice Pizza & Brew."

Slice, along with Cantina and Sol y Luna, have come together to offer a trolley service to customers on most game nights. It starts rounds at 5:30 and picks you up in front of which ever restaurant you are at. It will cost you two bucks and drops you off right in front of the stadium.

"I think that's a really good idea," said Jake Guercio. Guerico did not know about the trolley service until we told him about it. He is in favor of seeing what it will do for the city.

"One of the things that we don't have here in Birmingham is an entertainment district, a current entertainment district and this does make it feel like you can go out for a night on the town," said Guerico.

"The idea of this service is more than anything to be a part of the city, be a part of the Barons," said Jorge Castro, the manager at cantina.

There is no doubt he sees gaining business in this venture, but he says the trolley is much more than added revenue.

The trolley service runs on Wednesday and Thursdays and will pick you up at either Slice or Cantina. The pick up on Sundays is at Sol y Luna. It runs every 20 minutes and even sticks around for rides after the game.

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