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AL online insurance verification system update


"Starting in January when this law went into effect, not one vehicle in our state had ever been verified using this instant verification process that we put in place," Alabama Department of Revenue Commissioner Julie Magee said.

Now Magee says over 2. 4 million insurance verification requests have taken place in just four months. This includes searches from probate offices with tag renewals and other agencies across Alabama.

Here's the breakdown: Nearly 2 million statewide requests from county officials across the state. Over 5100 law enforcement officers have used the online verification system to check over 357,000 vehicles, plus the nearly 6,200 from the Alabama Department of Public Safety; troopers checking during license suspensions or revocations and over 1,400 from vehicle crashes.The Alabama Department of Revenue has verified over 47,000.

"We have a little under 4 million cars, 4.2 million cars in our title database, so we are well over half way there verifying ever car in the state or not verifying. If we've run the process and we can't get a verification then we know it here in Montgomery. We have 182 insurance providers that our servers talk to daily," Magee said.

If they can't verify you have up to date coverage, a questionnaire will be mailed to you. So far only about 30 percent of drivers have not confirmed they have insurance.

"We really need to get those numbers below 10 percent and that's our goal," Magee said.

Commissioner Magee says a bill in the legislature would save you some time when you renew your tag, requiring only the person present to provide their driver's license number instead of everyone who's listed on the title. But for now, be sure to have everyone's driver's license number when you head to get your tag renewed.

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