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Parents call for more security at youth football games


Fighting back tears, Davina Fitzgerald called for a change in the Columbus Youth Indoor Football program after her 12 year-old son Demetrius was bullied and assaulted during a game last week.

"He was choking my son. He literally broke his helmet and when he broke his helmet he twisted the helmet around, in the meantime while he was trying to get up he was pushing the boy off of him, the boy got mad and swung on my son," Fitzgerald said. 

Davina says that's when her son started retaliating by kicking and stomping on the boy, and out of nowhere she says another man entered onto the field and punched her son. According to police reports no name was given for this adult who Davina claims punched her son during the fight.

"What my son did I felt was wrong; but he acted out on self-defense. I feel like if you are going to punish one child you should punish all and the fact that an adult hit my child, I feel like the adult should be charged," Fitzgerald said. 

"If security was there the coaches and referees would have been able to break up that fight," said Louis, another parent who witnessed the fight. 

Davina told News Leader 9 that her son was suspended for the rest of the seasons while the other players involved in the altercation received little or no punishment.

Jeff Gonos, Director of Compliance for the l League, gave us this statement that read:

"Our decisions regarding thesuspensions were determined by examining the unbiased written reports frommyself, the officials on the field, and the security reports. Since theincident, we have taken approved measures by the Columbus Civic Center toincrease uniformed security at our events to assist in the prevention of fansof accessing the field and general crowd control.

"In light of the recenttransgression, I wish the event could have been prevented but I  could not foresee anything within our controlto prevent the on-field altercation."

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