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How can I speak at an MPS School Board Meeting?


Question after question resulted in more confusion at the Montgomery School board meeting.

"And I am really sorry about the confusion there," Montgomery Public Schools Board Chair Eleanor Dawkins said.

The board approved 6-1 to consolidate the central office spaces. But many thought the board was going to vote on school consolidation and they showed up in numbers to speak about it, but were denied.

"That was the way they heard what was presented to them. Our goal is to make sure everything is as clear as we can. We don't need nor do we want run things under the cover or be anything except transparent," Dawkins said.

A Montgomery Public Schools lawyer had to get up and explain the procedure: Scheduled public comments are made by people who have written a formal request to the superintendent's office to speak for five minutes on a specific subject. The letter must be received by the Thursday of the week prior to board meeting. The citizens comments portion of the meeting is for those who want to speak about an agenda item. You can sign up to speak during this time minutes before the start of the meeting.

"But they make it so hard. People take off time from work, judge their schedule accordingly to the meeting and then we get here there is a miscommunication. What are the rules and regulations, are you making that information available to the public and do the people who are supposedly enforcing it, know what the rules actually are?" Concerned Parent Jessie Harris said.

"See once that consolidation thing has passed, now they can proceed with all the other plans and projects that they had on the table. I'm not surprised by the board's action. You know we have a tendency to sell out and I think we went rather cheap this time," Concerned citizen K.T. Brown said.

The school board chairman says the instructions for citizen's comments and scheduled public comments will be posted on the Montgomery Public Schools website sometime this week so everyone will have access to them and will know exactly how the process works.

The school board also passed the zoning map for Montgomery's new high school: Park Crossing.

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