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Auburn Athletic Director: No academic fraud on 2010 team

Source: Auburn University Athletics Source: Auburn University Athletics

Monday on Auburn University's website athletic director Jay Jacobs announced there was no evidence of academic fraud involving players on the 2010 BCS National Championship team.

Auburn fans admit this was welcome news in the wake of a tough football season.

"Man, I love Auburn that is my team. So it has been kind of up and downish," Denita Walters said.

The allegations came from former New York Times and Sports Illustrated reporter Selena Roberts. Sports analyst Paul Finebaum said Jacobs' investigation hurt Roberts report.

"I thought Auburn did an efficient job of eviscerating Selena Roberts' report of a couple weeks ago. It was complete. It was compelling," Finebaum said.

Auburn also announced Monday that President Jay Gogue would select a committee to look at the athletic department, including academics, support services for players, compliance, and the effectiveness of leadership. Auburn fans agree.

"They should review everything 'cause without a review how are they going to determine what to do? They have to review it. I think it's a great idea," Ron Walters said.

Jacobs has been on the hot seat with some Auburn fans over the poor showing on the football field, the basketball court and other sports. Finebaum said Jacobs' future could be in doubt.

"I think he has to be helped. Is he wounded? Yes. Can he survive? A few more days like today he can," Finebaum said.

The committee will be made up former and current coaches, student athletes and business executives.

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