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UAB study: 7 Midwestern states have higher obesity rates than Ala.

Source: MGN Online Source: MGN Online

Alabamians can mark obesity off our list, at least in comparison to other states.

A new study released by UAB shows that people in Alabama and Mississippi aren't the fattest in the country.

The South gets a lot of attention for fried and sugary food staples, which the UAB study is part of why the region is targeted for obesity.

UAB researchers found that seven Midwest states have a higher obesity rate than Alabama. They include North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri. Those states each have a 41 percent obesity rate while Alabama sits at 34 percent.

Some Alabamians who spoke with FOX6 News say this could really change the perception of residents and those outside the state.

"I think it just helps the image. Especially if people in other states listen to that and notice that I think it helps the image of Alabama," Mallory Parish said.

"People already have a negative attitude towards our region I feel like. so, it's almost a bit of relief to hear that," Luke Sides said.

The study's numbers are based on geographic differences such as how much money is set aside to fight obesity. Experts say the South typically has received more funds because the region has long been said to be on of the unhealthiest.

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