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Lee H.S. students get chance to try out texting while driving simulator


Kids at Lee High School in Montgomery were texting and driving their way to fake crashes Wednesday as part of a simulator set up by AT&T.

The phone service provider set up the texting and driving simulator so local teenagers could learn just how dangerous the practice can be.

The systems are usually part of educational programs to simulate drunk driving, and hopefully preventing it in real life But texting and driving has become just as dangerous.

The simulator includes a seat, steering wheel and big screen television in front of the driver. To the right of the seat is a cell phone. Students tried to respond to texts as they're driving. One student easily crashed.

Many say texting and driving isn't worth the risk.

"I see very many people lose their lives over something very stupid like a text that says 'ok' or 'lol'," explained student Narissa McNeal. "So, it was a very new experience and it will actually stop me from ever trying to pick up a phone while I drive."

"You would swerve it, go slow and then go fast and that's like another good way to get pulled over," admitted fellow student Mary Woodworth. "And texting while driving...you don't see what's going on while you're looking at your phone, and it just gets more dangerous."

Even Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange gave the simulator a try. It wasn't an easy task for him either.

AT&T representatives, who started the campaign several years ago, are in the process of taking the simulator around the country. They say the main message is to keep teens from texting and driving, but they say even adults need to heed the warnings because they're just as inclined to text and drive.

After leaving LHS, the simulator is headed to Mobile.

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