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Six teenaged intruders nabbed at Huffman High


Huffman High School operates with at least one school resource officer if not more each day.  Birmingham police said that didn't stop six Woodlawn High School students from stepping foot on campus Friday morning.

Sergeant Johnny Williams said, "They were out of place. They were in the hallway inside the actual school itself. They were not just on the property, but actually inside the school."

Williams said around 9:30am Friday, a school resource officer spotted the teens. When he knew they weren't students at Huffman, he began to approach them for answers.

"We had a few of them try to escape but they were all taken into custody," said Sgt. Williams.

One teen was found with a gun which later proved to be stolen property. Sabrina Barnes' son is a student at Huffman.

Though she's pleased with the number of resource officers on campus, she feels more security measures are needed.

"It's hard to be able to check your children out so it should be hard for someone to be able to walk into the school period," said Barnes.

A spokesperson for Birmingham City Schools said the campus was never put on lockdown. But, Sgt. Williams said it was a different story on their end, "Anytime we approach someone that has a weapon, we're going to secure everything around so we consider lockdown whether they put out an official notice....... that is locked down that's up to the school."

The Woodlawn student with the gun will be tried in the juvenile court system. All students have been charged with a class three violation of the code of student conduct.

They'll have a hearing before the school board to determine their punishment.


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