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Teens go to extremes for prom night


Prom season is in full swing and many adults are learning prom is not what it used to be. Teens are now going all out to impress their dates, and that effort comes with a big price tag.

For $75 you can get rent a billboard for 24 hours where you publicly ask your date if they will go to prom with you. For $300 you can fly your date to the prom with style, in the prom copter.

"I think that's a little extreme," said Marie Jones.

Mia Foster agrees, "I think it's overboard."

While adults may think this is extreme, it seems to be the latest trend. Chelsea Norton with Lamar Advertising says the company is simply giving students what they want. "We had someone call in a few months ago and they wanted to do it, so we thought this was a great idea. We started advertising for it and we've had a really good response," said Norton.

We also stopped by Express helicopters where they are getting ready for Vestavia Hill's prom this weekend. "We pick up the prom goers at an undisclosed, secret location and then from this location we take them directly to the helo pad at the Cahaba Grand Center for prom," said Brian Coshatt with Express Helicopters.

The teens may love it but many parents feel the same way as Mia Foster, it's over the top. "If the kids are paying for it themselves then that's fine, but the parents are supplying everything, that's really unrealistic and it's not preparing them for real life," said Foster.

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