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Operation: Spring Break takes drug offenders off the street


A spring day in the rain yielded a bumper crop of arrests, as Etowah County narcotics agents hits the streets for "Operation Spring Break."

More than 70 deputies and officers from multiple agencies, as part of, and in support of, the Etowah County Narcotics Enforcement Unit, fanned out in eight teams Wednesday, armed with a total of 115 mostly felony warrants.

Sheriff Todd Entrekin says the warrants cover a wide variety of drugs, including cocaine, pills, and meth. He also says he has seen a resurgence of heroin, and at one stop, one team found some marijuana. Another found a meth lab.

"I think we take a proactive approach. I think we, this drug task force along with the Safe Streets Task Force, do a great job. I think the number of cases that come out of this county are very high," said Entrekin.

The county's DEU has four of these raids per year, and Entrekin says that is part of the county's success rate. He says Etowah County tops the state with drug arrests, not because it has the biggest drug problem, but because the various agencies are proactive and successful.

Police Chief John Crane says teamwork is a big part of the success of these raids.

"It keeps us from duplicating services," Crane said. "The big thing is, we're all working together, towards a common goal, and that's to get these people rounded up and into the criminal justice system where they belong."

At one stop on Chestnut Street, agents arrested a man at his grandmother's house. She could be heard yelling from the porch that she was ashamed of her grandson.

As of 6 p.m., a news release from sheriff's office spokesperson Natalie Barton, said agents had arrested 32 of the 87 suspects they were seeking, and had served 41 warrants.

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