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Dale Peterson tweets a defense for allegedly stealing cashews

Dale Peterson. Source: Hoover Police Department Dale Peterson. Source: Hoover Police Department

Former political candidate Dale Peterson is responding Thursday to charges that he stole cashew nuts from a local store.

Peterson took to Twitter to get his version of the story out. The former candidate for Alabama Agricultural Commissioner claims he made a simple mistake and he takes aim at an Alabama political website for their reporting.

You might remember Peterson for his spirited campaign tactics and rather unique political ads.

Security at the Hoover Sam's Club alerted police Wednesday after they allegedly caught Peterson eating a can of cashews and then returning the can to the shelf.

He was charged with theft of property and later released on a $1,000 bail.

A short time later, Peterson began tweeting, telling his side of the story.

One of the tweets read, "I picked up some cashews when I got to Sam's this afternoon. Ate a handful. Put them in my cart & kept shopping."

And then, "An hour later, when I went to checkout, I put the cashews back (forgetting I had eaten a few), purchased $700 of merchandise & went to jail."

He also took aim at the Alabama website Yellowhammer Politics, for their coverage of the story.

"It wasn't right, but it wasn't intentional... YELLOW HAMMER Politics wants you to believe otherwise. Again - Consider your source," Peterson tweeted.

The website's creator Cliff Sims gave us this statement in response: "When other people are busy making a fool of themselves, I hate to interrupt."

This isn't the first time the former political candidate has been arrested. Last October, employees at the Hoover Walmart on Highway 150 stopped Peterson after he pushed his cart past the cash registers without paying. Inside the cart several cases of beer and a roll of paper towels.

Peterson later said that incident too was a big misunderstanding.

"I didn't intend to steal, I had no intention of stealing. The only intention I had was when I cross that line was to go pee," he said on the Matt Murphy show.

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