How SCOTUS' decision on Prop 8 could affect Alabama

Source: MGN Online
Source: MGN Online

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Heated emotions filter around the steps of Washington and across the country as Supreme Court justices continue their discussion of Proposition 8.

Those fighting for equality want Proposition 8, a California ban on same sex marriage, thrown out.

Birmingham attorney Wendy Crew said it could take some time, even if the ban is eliminated, for the idea of same-sex marriage to be accepted in Alabama.

"Alabama, being very fundamentally religious is going to try and not accept same sex marriage for as long as possible but you have to remember that that was also true of interracial marriage," she said.

Crew said the push for equality and same sex marriage can be taken back to the 60's when interracial marriage was illegal. As a new generation matures Crew said she sees the same changes taking place for same sex couples.

"Ten years ago the majority of the people in the United States did not support gay marriage. However, the most recent Washington Post polls say that more than 58 percent of the people in the united states do support gay marriage," said Crew.

A legal analyst said in the end this case has the potential to be dismissed with no decision.

That means same sex marriage would become legal in California but there would be no broader ruling for the rest of the country. A decision in this isn't expected until June.

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