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Editorial comments: Education

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The following are comments to an editorial from FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, first aired on Tuesday, March, 19:


The only way to help these kids in the state of Birmingham, they can't get no education when they got a felony they can't no job when the got a felony. And, most of the people with felony records are dropouts. Instead of sending them to jail, they should try to put them in some kind of program that would educate them and give them a chance to rehabilitate themselves through by going to different classes that the state set up for them. Instead of giving them felonies, give them an education.

Damian, Birmingham

Instead of these education leaders trying to get all these bills to close schools and sending students to private schools and trying to make them to other things and just better themselves, they need to be trying to help out the students and making sure the students are getting the necessary education. Whether they are in poor communities or rich communities.

Kathleen, Hanceville

I have four children that went to school at Hanceville. And, they came home loaded with homework. Later we moved out of state and when school started, they children came home and they all told me they had no homework. I went to the school and ask them and they said no, they had done studies, they realized that overloading children with homework caused the dropout rate to go up. I feel that's one thing that's wrong with our schools.

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