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Residents worry over cost of storm debris removal

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Residents and groups cleaning up storm debris in Etowah County now have to figure out where it all goes for pick up.

In the county, many cities normally offer free curbside trash pick up to a certain point and then they charge by the amount of the load.

In Southside however, Mayor Wally Burns says all such pick ups cost at least $40 and that's only if the debris is left in the right of way. But since straight line winds knocked down so many trees, some onto homes, there's far more than an average load.

Some homeowners are worried about having a choice of either paying up or living with debris in their yard.

"It's very expensive, I mean I had no idea what it would cost.  But it's something that, people like us that live on social security, aren't really prepared to pay for it," homeowner Tom Nevin.

Mayor Burns says most homeowners have insurance policies that cover debris removal by private contractors. He also says there is a debris drop off location where homeowners can leave all wood debris.

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