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Gov. Bentley signs state efficiency improvement legislation

Gov. Bentley, Sen. Del Marsh and Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey during Thursday's bill signing ceremony. Gov. Bentley, Sen. Del Marsh and Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey during Thursday's bill signing ceremony.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley on Thursday signed a series of measures his office says is aimed at increasing efficiency across government agencies. 

"Our goal since taking office has been to make government more efficient while saving taxpayer dollars," Governor Bentley said.  "We are working closely with members of the Alabama Legislature to accomplish this goal.  The measures I am signing today will all help us achieve greater efficiency." 

The governor signed two bills, Senate Bill 108 and 117, which deal with law enforcement and information technology, as well as an executive order creating the Office of Fleet Management for state-owned vehicles.

State Law Enforcement – Senate Bill 108: 

This legislation signed by the Governor will better coordinate state-level law enforcement.  The result will be better public safety for the people of Alabama, the governor's office said. 

Senate Bill 108 streamlines the administrative-level functions among the more than 20 state law enforcement agencies. The bill's intent is to minimize redundancies and allow more resources to be focused on the actual law enforcement services.

"As a retired state trooper, oftentimes my colleagues and I would see ways that our agency and partnering agencies could be run more efficiently and effectively," said the bill's House Sponsor, Representative Mike Ball (R-Madison).  "After much study and thorough investigation, this legislation will finally streamline Alabama's law enforcement efforts while conserving taxpayer dollars and maximizing efficiency." 

Senate Bill 108 establishes the Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency and a Secretary of Law Enforcement to oversee state-level law enforcement functions.  Governor Bentley will appoint the Secretary in the coming months. 

Information Technology – Senate Bill 117: 

Governor Bentley signed this legislation to streamline the state's information technology as his offices says there is currently little coordination among state-level, non-education agencies in many areas involving I.T. 

The governor's office says because there is little coordination, state agencies often have I.T. systems that are not compatible with each other and so simple cost-saving measures such as buying in bulk across state agencies are not realized.

"Our Secretary of Information Technology will help us organize I.T. to make it more efficient, to save taxpayer dollars and to make it more secure," Governor Bentley said.  "By improving coordination, we can make sure we're spending money wisely and saving money where we can."

The Secretary of Information Technology will be appointed by Governor Bentley in the near future.  A legislative oversight committee will review the operations and performance of the Secretary.

Fleet Management:

Governor Bentley also signed an executive order that will increase efficiency in the management and maintenance of state-owned vehicles.

The executive order establishes an Office of Fleet Management and a Fleet Manager within the Alabama Department of Transportation. The Fleet Manager will work with state agencies to assess the state's current fleet of vehicles.  The Fleet Manager will then develop a uniform, statewide program to ensure the most efficient methods of managing those vehicles.

The program will focus on issues such as fuel efficiency and cost-effective maintenance.  The goal is to have the lowest possible cost per mile driven.

"The Department of Transportation has done an excellent job in fleet management, and we are choosing ALDOT to oversee management of the entire state's fleet program," Governor Bentley said.  "The Fleet Manager will work closely with all agencies to make this transition as efficient and seamless as possible."

INFORMATION SOURCE: Governor's Press Office

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