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EF-1 tornado confirmed in Etowah County

(photo source National Weather Service) (photo source National Weather Service)

The National Weather Service has completed a survey in northern Etowah County and found damage in the Sardis City area associated with an EF-1 tornado.

The winds associated with this EF-1 tornado are believed to have ranged between 95-105 mph.

[SLIDESHOW: Etowah County storm damage]

Here is the full report:

National Weather Service meteorologists have surveyed damage in northern Etowah County and determined it was the result of an EF-1 tornado with maximum winds of 95-105 mph. The tornado initially touched down in Marshall County in Boaz and moved eastward into Etowah County about a half of a mile west of Oak Drive where it snapped and uprooted several pine trees. From there it moved to the east and crossed Broadwell Road and overturned a tractor trailer and a camper. The tornado continued eastward, snapping and uprooting trees along the path. Several barns and small outbuildings sustained roof damage. As the tornado crossed Chumley Road, two mobile homes were overturned while more trees were uprooted. The most extensive damage occurred as the tornado approached Rowen Road. A mobile home was lifted and overturned leaving one person seriously injured and two others with minor injuries. In this same area, two additional mobile homes were destroyed. As the tornado crossed Brow Road, a one story brick home had one third of its roof removed and wind-blown debris was observed on all four sides of the home. The tornado continued further east for approximately 300 yards before dissipating as it approched Sand Valley Road.

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