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Personnel officer: Cooper Green CEO shouldn't have been put on leave

File video of Dr. Sandral Hullett. File video of Dr. Sandral Hullett.

A Jefferson County personnel officer doesn't think former Cooper Green CEO Dr. Sandral Hullett should  have been put on administrative leave without pay last year.

The four-page preliminary finding was handed down by a Jefferson County hearing officer late last week.

Those findings say the action of the county to place Dr. Sandral Hullett on administrative leave without pay was done without reason. And that officer points to the very words used by the Jefferson County manager in this memorandum to support his findings.

In December 2012, Hullett, who was CEO of Cooper Green at the time, learned she was being placed on leave. This came as Cooper Green was preparing to transition from a hospital to an outpatient facility.

Hullett appealed that decision to the Jefferson County personnel board.

Last Friday, a hearing officer released his preliminary findings in the case pointing to the words County Manager Tony Petelos used in a memo sent to Hullett two months before she was placed on leave. He said "there is no other person qualified to act as a liaison" in developing relationships as the hospital underwent its transition.

The hearing officer ended by saying, based on that statement, Hullett should not have been placed on leave without pay at all.

Hullett's attorney says she is pleased by the decision and is not worried about the county's response.

"The only thing that worries me is Dr. Hullett has been off the payroll all this year and her bills didn't stop because her paycheck wasn't coming in. And it's the length of time it's taken to resolve this thing," Hullett's attorney, U.W. Clemon, said.

The county has until Monday, March 25 to respond to these findings.

Petelos says that because this is a personnel matter he can't make any comment other than to say a hearing has been set for this case in April.

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