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NWS: 2 tornadoes touched down in DeKalb Co.

Victory Baptist Church lost the steeple to the storm. Victory Baptist Church lost the steeple to the storm.

The National Weather Service confirmed two tornadoes touched down in DeKalb County.

One from Kilpatrick to Crossville was listed as an EF-2. Another that hit Fyffe is also being classified as an EF-2.

"According to my neighbor, he looked out and just a big cloud.. Coming across there just pulling debris and everything, he ran to the front of his house carried his mother in there and he looked out and said it just came up all at once and it was just gone just like that," said Fyffe storm victim, Harold Beck.

At least six people were hurt in DeKalb County, but there have been no reports of any serious injuries.

The storms have temporarily shut down an Alabama state park.

DeSoto State Park officials hope power will be restored by Wednesday, but there are still a lot of trees that will have to be removed.

Downed trees have done significant damage to the lodge and motel at DeSoto, and the park will stay closed for quite some time.

Power is being provided temporarily by backup generator.

Three of approximately two dozen cabins are temporarily unusable, but the campground down the road was not affected.    

Park superintendent Ken Thomas said they hope the available cabins will be ready by Friday, but the lodge and motel is not expected to reopen until sometime in June.

Cleanup began in Rainsville Tuesday, where Monday's storm ripped through the same path as the April 27th tornadoes almost two years ago.

Trees were damaged along the path of past storms on Marshall Road. This time, a church steeple was knocked off the Victory Baptist Church.

Just a few miles south, the storm also damaged Plainview High School for the second time in two years. Football coach Dale Pruitt said it was a close call.

"The scoreboard is gone. We put it in last year, played one season with it, and you can see it laying over there on the bleachers," he said.

This time, principal Rita Barksdale is relieved overall damage wasn't any worse and that students and school staff were safe.

"I could see a lot of fear on their faces, but it made us really appreciate the storm shelter," said Barksdale.

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