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Sequestration cuts hit veteran tuition assistance

Source: MGN Online Source: MGN Online

Some college students in Alabama are feeling the pain of sequestration cuts.

Several branches of the armed forces are cancelling tuition assistance programs. The Marines, Army, Air Force and others announced they're eliminating the assistance for everyone except those already enrolled in classes.

Tuition assistance provides nearly $4,500 for active duty personnel as well as reserve and National Guardsmen enrolled in school.

One University of Alabama student says the cut will make paying for college much harder.

"They're taking something away that we worked hard for as veterans and people that volunteered to come serve the country and this is an education benefit. They could at least let us keep that," Marga Horn said.

An online petition is available at Many of the people signing the petition point out that one reason they joined the military was to help pay for college. Military personnel may still qualify for aid under the G.I. Bill, which is not affected.

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