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Lawmakers introduce resolutions on Highway 280 traffic


A wreck can cause traffic delays on any road, but a bad crash at I-459 on Wednesday hammered home the problem of traffic on Highway 280. The wreck shut down lanes on 280, backing up traffic for miles.

The 280 mess is another example of why the highway a sore spot for drivers. The state has a plan; it says will improve the situation for drivers, but that plan continues to be a hot button issue.

State lawmakers are now getting in the dispute over 280. Resolutions have been introduced in both the House and Senate, calling on the Department of Transportation to make modifications. Lawmakers claim the current plans for two intersections are dangerous, and would put drivers in harm's way.

Currently, ALDOT plans to eliminate left turn signals in front of the Hampton Inn and Mountain Brook Plaza, as well as, at the intersection of 280 and Cherokee Road. This would force drivers to do a u-turn on 280.

Ali Powell lives on Cherokee Road and says the current plan is dangerous.

Having to cross over four lanes of traffic is a very short amount of time to make a protected u-turn is still unsafe," said Powell. "If I have to pull out in front of somebody, then I might cause somebody else to be in a wreck that is traveling up and down 280 is just like I am."

The resolution is not binding and does it carry the weight of bill, but it lets ALDOT know where lawmakers stand on this issue.

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