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Save money on groceries by shopping perimeter aisles

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Melissa Gessner tries to keep it healthy when hitting the grocery store but she admits it can become a challenge on a tight budget.

"It's pretty difficult, you know. I try to not eat as much packaged food and processed food but all the fresh produce, which I prefer, is really expensive so on my budget it doesn't always happen," Gessner said.

As a single woman working full time and attending college, pre-packaged meals like Lean Cuisines are sometimes her only option.

But Christine Goss with Belle Foods said pre-packed meals could be costing you more in the long run.

"The more the food is touched - is it cleaned and then canned or packaged - the more it's going to cost you per serving," said Goss.

Goss said while watching for sales and clipping coupons helps, you don't have to spend hours doing it. One suggestion: avoid the middle isles.

"Stay to the exterior parts of the grocery store. And that means by shopping the fresh produce and avoiding the cans," Goss said.

You may not be eating filet and lobster but Christine said you can still get your protein in with meats like flank steak or beans.

And even though potato chips may be an easy go-to when the hunger pains strike your produce is going to cost you less and offer you more.

"Look at the bag of potato chips opposed to a head of lettuce. It's two or three bucks difference. The head of lettuce will feed a family of four twice. A bag of potato chips, well I can eat one of those myself," said Goss.

Gessner may not be shopping for a family of four but she still looks for ways to keep it healthy on a budget.

"Online gives me a lot of good ideas of eating on a budget or you can find a bunch of blogs I do through Pinterest, how to eat on a budget," she said.

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