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Tuscaloosa leaders discuss school safety plans

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It's a question being asked around the nation and in Tuscaloosa: How can schools be made safer?

Tuscaloosa school and city leaders are talking about it. Two of the ideas that came out of Monday's work session with the Tuscaloosa County School board were more security cameras and better and fewer ways to get in the building.

Board members haven't voted on it yet. But they learned what it would cost to make all 33 schools in the county system more secure.

For instance, installing doors that can be locked and unlocked by remote control was discussed.

If it's only done for the main entrance, it would cost $150,000 at all the schools. Installing that system on every door would run $226,000.

Interim Tuscaloosa County School Superintendent Dan Butler says school resource officers are only part of the solution.

A study of all schools in the system determined they should beef up security at front doors. Doing that and more could cost half a million dollars.

"We have to have doors that lock, doors that can be unlocked from somebody that's designated from within the building. Maybe key codes or key pads, swap cards….We are not to that point, with all our schools," Butler said.

Butler indicated that some security upgrades may already be underway.

Money for those and future upgrades could come from $1.4 million that's available from a one cent sales tax revenue for the county school system.

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