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Editorial: Customer service

The following is an editorial from FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, first aired on Tuesday, March 12.

The other night, my husband was on the phone, for more than an hour, with a service provider, attempting to get a problem resolved. First, he talked with someone in India who didn't have a solution and THEN he was transferred to someone in the Philippines, who finally said he'd send a service guy by. How frustrating…time…language barriers…talking with folks who seemingly have no vested interest in your problem.

In economic times like these, all businesses need to attract and retain as many customers as they can. It's astonishing, but many companies are willing to risk throwing away their relationship with their customer by relinquishing one of the most important parts of that relationship…the front lines of customer relations…the phone and dealing with customers' concerns and issues, by sending the calls, not just out of town or out of state, but out of the country.

When a customer calls a company with a service issue, that could be the one and only time the business has to win or lose that customer. I know all of the arguments about the cost savings realized when service calls are farmed out…But, what is the real cost of losing a customer? What do you think?

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