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Two people found dead after a 6 hour standoff in Anniston


 After nearly six hours, a standoff in Anniston is over and two people are dead. Police were called to the 400 block of Asbury Avenue in the Saks community around noon Sunday.

Through the wood line you could see police moving around a home on Asbury Avenue. It was here authorities believed there was possibly a violent situation taking place. 

"The daughter's boyfriend came running down the yard telling me to call 911, and when he told me why I called 911," said Steve Hanford who lives across the street. 

Hanford told dispatchers that a stabbing had taken place in the home, and the female was in bad shape. 

"We had a witness with information that there was a possibility there was at least one deceased female inside, so we knew that early on," said Anniston Police Chief Shane Denham.

When police arrived they saw they had another issue to deal with, whoever was in this house had eyes on them.

"Upfront we knew early on that there are cameras on the house that belonged to the owners of the house, so we knew he had the capability of watching us, we knew those cameras were monitored," said Denham.

First thing they had to do was cut the power to the neighborhood to get those cameras off.  Then police attempted to make contact again, but no answer.

All of a sudden a series of loud bangs could be heard throughout the neighborhood.  That noise residents heard was the gas being deployed into the home.  Even after the gas, police still could hear nothing coming from the home. 

"After that point, it was determined we needed to go in," said Denham.

Police busted out the windows, and placed a robot in the house that's when they realized both people in the home were dead. It appears they died from stab wounds.

"Just shocking something like this was happening," said Hanford.

Police aren't releasing the names of victims until Monday.  At this time they are not confirming this is a murder suicide.

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