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Ala. sheriffs object to portions of gun rights bill

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Changes have been made in a gun rights bill in the state legislature. Alabama sheriffs have raised objections to the bill being sponsored by Gardendale Sen. Scott Beason. Beason said he has made critical changes to the bill to meet the sheriff's objections.

"I think the bill is every bit as good, as strong as it was before. We modified it in two different ways to meet the concerns law enforcement had," Beason said.

Alabama sheriff's objected to being forced to grant concealed gun permits to those they considered dangerous or mentally unstable. Beason said his intent is to clarify gun owners' rights. The changes include the following:

1.Taking out civil penalties for local governments which may try to restrict guns in public buildings and places.

2. Beason still calls for changing the current law from "may" to "shall" grant concealed gun permits but sheriffs may refuse to issue permits. In such a case they will give the gun owner a written reason and set a process of appeal.

3. As for employees carrying guns to businesses and leaving them locked in a vehicle Beason says the bill calls for a "don't ask, don't tell policy."

FOX6 News left a message with Calhoun County Sheriff Larry Amerson to ask if the changes are acceptable but so far Sheriff Amersn has not responded. Beason is hoping the Alabama senate will consider his gun rights bill soon.

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