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Flooding issue gets the governor's attention


"This is a major problem," Montgomery County resident Edna Hood said.

Hood is fed up.

"When they come clean out drains, they only clean out one and that's around on the back street, I don't live around there. I live around here. I'm trying to get this situated," Hood said.

So much so, she took the ongoing flooding issue she's been dealing with for 12 years into her own hands and dug out and unclogged the drain behind her home on someone else's property.

"I came out her. I took pictures of my nephew and I digging this out until we found it and let water begin to flow. This was covered. You could not even see this grill on top of this drain. You couldn't see it. And then I got pictures where you can see the water in my house. I'm playing in it with my foot," Hood said.

Hood says the backed up water has literally ran her neighbors out of their homes, but she refuses to move.

"Not only here, but the front of the house...the rain has also..clogged up out there from those drains out there and once it clogs up, it gets backed up and it gets my house, others and the other street gets flooded."

She wrote a letter to the governor begging for help on February 12th and got a response on the 19th.

"But I was hoping that he could get with someone to say go down there and help those people. Go down there and see what's going on with those people because we're not getting any help down here," Hood said.

In the letter Governor Bentley said the issue would be directed to Montgomery County Administrator Donald Mims and County Commission Chair Elton Dean, who oversees her district.

Ms. Hood says the neighborhood association has meet with dean over the years and still has not gotten a resolution.

WSFA 12 News is still trying to get in contact with Chairman Dean.

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