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Water works board wants $90K back from fired employees

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The Birmingham Water Works Board wants more than $90,000 back from nine ex-employees who were fired in an alleged overtime scheme.

The counter claims from the board are actually spelled out at the end of a lawsuit which was origanally filed by the terminated employees. It is very specific in saying who earned how much and in askng that the board be paid what was lost.

The news first broke in August 2012 that nine employees of the Birmingham Water Works Board had been fired over an alledged overtime scheme.

A few weeks after being terminated, one employee spoke anonymously with FOX6 News explaning how his supervisor doctored some employees timesheets to give them overtime pay for hours they never atually worked.

The man claimed the supervisor then demanded those employees give him part of the money they'd received.

shortly after that interview, the terminated employees filed a federal lawsuit against the water works board seeking to get their jobs back.

This week, the Birmingham Water Works Board has filed a counter claim against the employees and the accused supervisor asking they be required to repay the "94,900.00 worth of overtime pay that they did not properly earn."

The counterclaim lists four charges including theft and deceit. It also spell out how much each employees alledgedly received during the scheme

FOX6 News did try to speak with attorneys with the Birmingham Water Works Board but were told that because this is a personnel matter, they could not speak about the issue.

We also reached out to the attorneys of the nine emplopyees that were terminated to see to get their reaction to the counter claims.

Attorney Wendy Crew told me..."we find their timing quite interesting and are happy to let this play out in federal court."

Lastly, we also reached out to the supervisor that was fired in this ordeal. However, as of news time, he had not returned our call.

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