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Some opposed to school calendar proposal in Hoover


A proposed change to the Hoover City Schools' calendar for the coming year is ruffling some feathers. The system wants to drop two days from what has been a week off for Thanksgiving.

The Hoover School system is proposing this change because of a new law passed by the Alabama Legislature last year. The bill shortened the school year so school systems across the state have had to make changes.

In Hoover, one proposal is shortening the Thanksgiving break from 5 days to 3. At this point, the change is only a proposal. The school system is asking parents and community members to share their thoughts on the matter by going to the school system's web page.

Some parents support the idea. Others say by November, kids need the longer break.

State Representative Paul DeMarco has proposed a bill in the legislature this year that would essentially override last year's bill and let local educators decide the school calendar. That bill has not come up for debate yet.

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