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Small changes can help the fuel in your tank last longer

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Monday, AAA said that for 32 straight days, gas prices have gone up in the U.S. and their daily fuel gauge report shows the average price for regular gas in Alabama is now $3.57.

That's an increase of 35 cents in the last month. Experts say the rise in prices is due to three things: rising crude oil prices, refinery closures and production cuts.

With every dollar counting so much, there are some easy wasy to make the gas last. Franklin Automotive has some simple suggestions to help consumers.

1. Check your tires.

"If your tires aren't properly inflated or if the alignment is not done properly, both of those things can create drag. And if there's drag it's going to make your motor work hard to push the car," Booth Armstrong said.

2. Keep up with preventative maintenance, like oil and filter changes.

"A dirty air filter is going to make your motor work harder," Armstrong said. "Dirty oil, it's harder for your engine to process and use."

3. Monitor your driving habits. Drive the speed limit; coast to a stop at red lights rather than driving right up and using the brakes.

4. In cold weather, turn your defrost system off as soon as the car is warmed up. Otherwise, the A/C compressor stays on, using more fuel.

5. Lighten the load. AAA recommends clearing out unneccessary items from your vehicle that may be weighing it down and ultimately causing your engine to work harder.

6. Find the cheapest gas. Use services like to find the lowest prices in town. If you have the WBRC News app, you already have access to this service. Just click "More" and "Gas Prices." At, roll over the house at the top of the page and click on "Gas Prices" to the right of the drop down menu.

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