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Prattville students spend President's Day learning of nation's history


The Prattville and Montgomery chapters of the Sons of the American Revolution took 7th graders at Prattville Junior High School and brought history a little closer to home. 

"This was written in 1774," said one of the speakers. 

The year the First Continental Congress passed what became known as 'Articles of Association,' a document directed at Great Britain. The Articles were meant to stop the British from doing business with the Colonies. It is here in the school media library where students saw first hand the 'signature' page or the signatures of 53 of the first founding fathers of the First Continental Congress. 

Later the Prattville Exchange Club dedicated the 'Freedom of Shrine' to Prattville Junior High School, a collection of more than a dozen American documents such as the U.S. Constitution and the Gettysburg Address. 

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Athenia Tanner conceded some students may not grasp it all at such a young age but still believes this opportunity was too important to pass up. 

"That's a little bit of a concern but I think when they're older when they can understand they'll look back and appreciate it," said Tanner, Library Media Specialist for the school. 

That Freedom Shrine also included historical documents such as the Bill of Rights and Theodore Roosevelt's letter on Cuba. 

There's another story behind that 'signature' page; today's viewing was the first public viewing in more than a hundred years. The page had been folded in an antique book until 1978 when a young man in Tennessee bought the book and the 'signature' page fell out. Since then the page has spent time at Vanderbilt University and is now part of a private collection.

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