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AAA: People still booking cruises


In light of the recent cruise ship crisis aboard the Carnival Triumph, some people might be re-thinking those cruises they have booked.

Clay Ingram with AAA says he has not had anyone cancel or change their plans because of this cruise ship crisis. He says they had one woman call, asking if Carnival was offering discounts on other trips. Right now, they are not.

Ingram says Carnival may be forced to reduce their cruise ship prices to recover from this public relations nightmare. He does not anticipate other cruise lines doing that. People are still booking cruises, according to AAA. They say one woman booked a Carnival cruise this morning.

Ingram says most people understand accidents can happen anytime, anywhere.

"There is a small risk involved and everyone knows that. When something goes wrong, it usually gets a lot of publicity, but usually people don't let that affect their plans to travel," said Ingram.

Passengers can buy travel insurance, so if something goes wrong with your trip you can get a refund. In the case of the Triumph, travel insurance would not matter, because everyone is getting a refund plus additional compensation from Carnival.

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