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Commissioners vote on new election map

Source: Alan Collins Source: Alan Collins

Amid allegations of playing politics and trying to dilute minority voters, Jefferson County Commissioners voted for a new election map.

The county commissioners held a public hearing in which people spoke for and against three proposed redistricting maps. The commissioners voted for the first map which pulls Midfield out of District Two and puts it into District One. Legion Field boxes are also moved to District One.

Jefferson County Registrar Barry Stephenson said the goal was to put about 131,000 voters into each of the five county commission districts, have no split boxes and to have compact districts.

Commissioner George Bowman wanted more time to consider a map offered by the American Civil Liberties Union, but other four commissioners disagreed. Bowman raised racial questions about the map the commissioners adopted.

"The have voted to essentially stack the majority of African American voters in District One and Two and it insures a Republican majority for Three, Four and Five," Bowman said.

Commissioner Joe Knight denied he had a hand in trying to move minority voters out of his district to the two majority black districts in District One and District Two.

"For anyone to insinuate District Four is stacking is absolutely not true and trying to diminish the minorities, absolutely not true," Knight said.

Commissioner Sandra Little Brown said she had nothing to do with moving Fairfield from her district. Midfield Mayor Gary Richardson ran and lost against her in the last election.

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