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Some Cooper Green patients say they still can't get care

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Jefferson County is trying to reach out and help more Cooper Green patients.

A number of patients are having trouble with the transition away from the hospital to the urgent care primary care operation. Some patients say they can't get a doctor or medical care they need.

This week Jefferson County started running radio ads to inform patients to keep their appointments. The uncertainty has created long waits at Cooper Green.

"Even in the past we had problems with wait times. People getting their appointments, three, four, six months. We had those problems," Sandra Little Brown, Jefferson County Commissioner, said.

Thursday, Jefferson County Manager Tony Petelos hopes to have new contracts for five new doctors for Cooper Green to reduce these problems.

"We are moving forward so we can find doctors to staff it with our doctors so the wait time can be reduced," Petelos said.

The county created a new contract for Jefferson Clinic PC which was $12 million and is now down to $2 million but many of those doctors have left Cooper Green.

Thursday the commission will also vote to give an additional $173,000 to Otis Story's company, Azul Health Group. The company has been advising the county on the transition away from the hospital.

"We need someone with healthcare experience who has downsized hospitals in the past, someone who understands the terminology, who can work with our doctors," Petelos said.

But Commissioner George Bowman questions spending the money.

"Can give him $173,000 with one hand and the other hand let 210 people go because they don't have the money to pay them," Bowman said.

Cooper Green patients say they can not get the medical care the need. Petelos said give the transition time.

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