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Renaming of Cooper Green causing tension

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What's in a name? A lot, if the fight to rename the former Cooper Green Mercy Hospital is any measure.

This Thursday, Jefferson County Commissioners will vote on renaming the former hospital Cooper Green Health Services. The name Cooper Green Mercy Hospital is still on the building in Southside.

"The problem is you go by the hospital, you see Cooper Green Mercy Hospital and it's no longer a hospital. We need to take the hospital off," Tony Petelos, Jefferson County Manager, said.

Petelos came up with the name. Petelos says Cooper Green Health Services sounds better and better reflects the new urgent care primary care operation, but not everyone agrees with it.

"I think the name should remain the same. I don't think they should be changing the name because not everything is in place to change from a hospital yet," David Russell with the Committee to Save Cooper Green said.

Jefferson County Commissioner George Bowman who opposed ending inpatient care at Cooper Green says they should keep the name Mercy.

"It's a perception in the public, in the public's mind. Cooper Green Mercy Hospital has a more compassionate ring to it," Bowman said.

Commissioner Sandra Little Brown voted for the name change out of committee Tuesday but Brown later said she also would like to see Mercy retained.

"I think the name Mercy should be in there. It's mercy for the indigent. I have no problem putting Mercy back into the name," Brown said.

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