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CR 12: 102 Year Old Man


When you look back on your life, you'll probably talk about the people you met and the places you've been.   Montgomery's Ed Bailey has quite a story to tell.  The 102 year old doesn't miss a beat and his mind is sharp as a tack.  When it comes to dates, he never forgets.

"We married at First Baptist Church on January 31, 1948," Ed Bailey said.   He's been married now for 65 years.   I asked his wife Annie how she put up with him that long?  "It's been hard." she laughed.

He's has some stories to tell.  "I was 12 years old in 1922."   He went with his uncle to visit a friend in Florida.  "The old man tapped me on the back and said nice to meet you lad.  We left a little later and he told me that was Thomas Edison.  When I was a young adult I realized I met one of the greatest inventors in American history."

In the late 20's Mr. Bailey met another historical figure.  "Me and some friends went to see the Yankees play a Montgomery exhibition team at Cramton Bowl.  Babe Ruth hit one out of the park.  Babe Ruth in Montgomery."

When Mr. Bailey hit the triple digits, turning 100, the mayor gave him a key to the city.   He's also written two books.   And from the looks of things, Mr. Ed Bailey probably has a lot more stories to tell.  Who knows who he'll meet next?

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