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Good Day Alabama for February 11, 2013

Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for February 11, 2013:

JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh joins us  live from the Shades Shades Valley YMCA with Mikal Thomas. Today he shows us the latest exercises you can do for the week. For more information, call (205) 870-9622.

BBB - David Smitherman with the Birmingham Business Bureau joined us to explain three things you need to know before investing. Investments take risk; sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. But smart investors know that the best way to minimize risk is to educate yourself about your basic rights, the protections you are entitled to under the law, and the common scams and frauds to avoid. Better Business Bureau has teamed up with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation to bring you up-to-date research and tools on investment fraud at BBB Smart Investing  Studies have shown that investment scams have risen in the last decade.  Baby Boomers are managing their own retirement funds and are particularly vulnerable. In 2011, according to the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA), state and provincial regulators in the U.S., Canada and Mexico launched more than 2,600 administrative, civil and criminal enforcement actions involving investors, 1 in 5 of whom were seniors. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) suggests three key steps to take before investing: Check out the seller. A legitimate investment professional must be licensed. Before giving out your personal information, ask whether the seller is registered with FINRA, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or your state securities regulator. Find registration and other information on individual brokers, securities firms and investment advisor firms at: Ask questions. Are you licensed to sell this investment to me? Is this investment registered with the SEC? Check out the investment. Check whether the investment itself is registered. Confirm whether a security is registered with the SEC and get access to a company's financial information by using the SEC's EDGAR Database. Learn how at For more information on protecting yourself from investment fraud, visit and

BETH K - UAB Nutritionist Dr. Beth Kitchin joins us to explain the green coffee bean extract claims. She says obviously any time you hear someone using the word "miracle" you should be suspicious.  Here are the facts to date about green coffee bean extract: There is some evidence that a component of green coffee beans - the chlorogenic acid - may help improve weight loss  moderately (not miraculously).  Lab studies suggest (again - suggest not definitively show) that chlorogenic acid may slow down the absorption of carbohydrates in the intestines. Most of the studies have been animal studies - the human studies thus far have been very small and poorly designed. From there, we see green coffee extract as the weight loss miracle du jour - with little evidence to support it. Dr. Oz's claims about this supplement being a miracle are ridiculous - the study he cites had only 16 people in it and the design of the study was very weak. The study's results were also not reported accurately - some people in the study actually lost as much weight during the time period they were not taking the supplement as they did during the time period they were taking the supplement. Dr. Oz then did his own "project" with people from his audience - and he did not do it in a very scientific way! He reported again that the weight loss was amazing on the supplement - that the women on the supplement as a group lost 81 pounds while the women on the placebo lost 42 pounds - but those numbers are the total amounts lost for groups of 50 women! When you look at the average weight loss per person, it ends up being 1.6 pounds vs. .84 pounds - a difference of fewer than one pound between the groups.  You call this "miraculous"? Bottom Line:  much better research is needed on whether green coffee bean extract is a useful weight loss aid - and that includes analysis of possible side effects and cost.  There is some evidence that shows it may help improve weight loss - but only moderately - it is highly unlikely that it will be a miracle cure for obesity.  Buyer Beware Over-the-Counter Weight Loss Supplements: Beware products that promise "miraculous" results; Nutrition Supplements are not FDA approved; Supplements do not always contain the ingredients they claim to; and Supplements are often costly and don't deliver results.

WHERE IS THE LOVE - It's Valentine's Day week and love is on the brain! But as we all know, every relationships has its up and downs. We turned to Dr. Michelle Preuitt - a licensed therapist - this morning with questions from viewers about their relationships. If you want your questions asked, feel free to email them to us at She will answer them next time she is on the show. And don't worry - your question will remain anonymous.

ASK THE GARDENER - Our expert, Sallie Lee joined us today with Ask the Gardener.  Sallie is an Extention Agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extention System.  

BASKETBALL LADY - Tanya Crevier spoke to us and demonstrated some of her moves she'll perform this week for F.C.A. at various schools and town functions.  She has traveled all over the world performing exciting and unbelievable skills with basketballs and sharing an enthusiastic message of hope and inspiration to this generation. You will see and hear about Tanya's influence on people everywhere! She graduated from South Dakota State University (SDSU) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education. She is a four-sport-letter-winner at SDSU. She played three years of Women's Professional Basketball (WBL) and has been inducted into the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Hall of Fame. She is also renowned at SDSU as Distinguished Alumni and inducted into the South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame. At 5'3″ tall, and a former professional woman basketball player, Tanya has succeeded in a sport made for giants! Today her basketball handling abilities let her tower above the rest!

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, our veterinary specialist joins us in the studio to discuss your pets' health and theit teeth! It's Valentine's Day week and we have a group of singers who will serinade your sweetheart - all as part of a fundraiser. And we look at some fun Valentine's Day ideas for your kids! Should you use your IRA to purchase real estate? We look at the pros and cons with our financial analyst! Plus we check out what's new in entertainment with movies and music! Join us for all of this and more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!

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