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Security expert offers tips deter home burglaries

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Owner of On Guard Security, Jon Hinds, has more than a decade worth of security alarm experience.

And in the past year and a half he's seen business grow.

"It used to be just a simple system with door and a motion detector was fine. Now we try to encourage you to also do the windows because criminals are trying to find ways to get in that don't have sensors," said Hinds.

He heard about Friday morning's home invasion in the Bluff Park area and from past experience he says most home invasions aren't intended.

"Most of the time I think most home invasions are by accident. Most of them...they thought everyone was gone and they come in the house and they find you there and it's a surprise and it goes from a burglary to a home invasion," said Hinds.

Not all the details about this latest home invasion are being released because it is still under investigation.

But Hinds has some suggestions if it ever happens to you.

Take for instance the easiest ways for a person to get in your home: your door and windows.

A glass door for example may not be the safest. Hinds also suggests installing a safe room.

"Most of the time we make those in a walk in closet maybe in the master bedroom," said Hinds.

And Hinds said one of the most important things to do if a criminal is eyeing your house is to respond if they knock on your door, which lets them know you're home.

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